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May 27 2024
Today we have an extra server-save at 11:25 to load an upgraded version of the anticheat into the game.
May 03 2024
Client version 1.02 has been released, if you are using the Wine client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Apr 16 2024
ShadeCores will officially launch on April 24 at 17:00 CEST
Mar 14 2024
Website of ShadeCores is being prepared to become public sometime during March 14.
Jan 26 2024
ShadeCores private test-phase will start today there select people with invites will be able to login and test out the game.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 6 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 2 hours ago.
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Features -Exhaustion system
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Believe it or not, OT's have it completely wrong, OTs uses 1 or 2 kind of exhaustions depending on which version they're meant to reflect (healing + attacking spells).
However, in CipSoft's, there were 3 different exhaustions in the old days, 4 if you include "using item on.." exhaustion which was 1 second.
These exhaustions where for instant and rune spells, and weapon.
Together, in a tangled web, they could trigger eachother, making you unable to do certain things in certain pace, while doing "odd things" instantly.
For example, you could use healing runes and instantly after use any instant attack spell, you could use an UH and then throw an UE, no problems..

In most OT's you can move hundreds of items every second, basically limitless, that's not how it was in CipSoft's!
In ShadeCores, same as CipSoft's, you can only move a few items every second.

ShadeCores also have same move/use system as CipSoft's.
We're talking about being almost unable to move items while walking etc.
Many OT's got this a bit wrong though, and some people remember it a bit wrong, especially when it comes to move + melee.
At first, walking blocked the ability to move an item for a small period of time based on your speed, if timed correctly, you could move items without stopping at all, however it's hard to properly time it and most of us just accepted the fact it was easier to let go of the arrow keys for a second and then move the item.
But the biggest myth there is about walking/using/moving, is "walking prevent bolts from shooting", no, it doesn't.
Walking has a very small effect on melee and distance, at a high rate your attacks aren't affected at all, and with bad luck your attacks could be delayed a second at most which is relatively rare.
We've studied the CipSoft files and systems carefully, to make sure ShadeCores will have the most accurate, and while doing so we found many things that people are mistaken on, but we shouldn't judge, it's been 20 years since any official oldschool tibia was available!
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