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May 27 2024
Today we have an extra server-save at 11:25 to load an upgraded version of the anticheat into the game.
May 03 2024
Client version 1.02 has been released, if you are using the Wine client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Apr 16 2024
ShadeCores will officially launch on April 24 at 17:00 CEST
Mar 14 2024
Website of ShadeCores is being prepared to become public sometime during March 14.
Jan 26 2024
ShadeCores private test-phase will start today there select people with invites will be able to login and test out the game.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 6 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 3 hours ago.
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Features -Creature spawns
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Made so monsters spawn faster when more players are online, with accurate tibia formulas.
Made if monsters leave their spawn, a new monster will spawn in its place (over-spawning).

Authentic respawn places, amount and timers.
Spread of creatures at spawn.

ShadeCores has the very same spawn system that CipSoft's had back in the day.
All creatures that spawns has a "home".
And this "home" has a set amount of creatures that belongs to it, always same type of creature.

A home cannot have multiple different creatures, for example a home to a orc spearman, can only host orc spearmans, and not any other kind of orc nor creature.
A home has a set time of how long it takes for it to respawn one of the creatures that belongs to it.
Majority of the homes has a respawn time of 600 seconds (10 minutes).
This means that if a home have 2 creatures, which are killed.. it will take 10 minutes to spawn the first one, and then additional 10 minutes before spawning the second one.

The more creatures the home has, the longer it takes before it's fully respawned.

Now, as said majority of homes has 600 seconds of respawn time, but it's randomized.
In CipSoft's, the spawn time can be anywhere between half the spawn-time to the full spawntime.
Example: spawn is random between (600/2) - 600 >> 300-600.
Which means that AVG respawn time is 7.5 minutes. (450 seconds).

ShadeCores also have the same spawntime reducing system affected by how many players there's online.
Just as CipSoft's had back in the day.
Between 0-200 players there's no change in spawn time.
But between 201 and 800 players the respawn-time is reduced a little for every extra player there's online.
After 800 players the spawn is at the fastest with reduced time by 60%.

That means that if there's 800 players online, a creatures that spawns with 7.5 min AVG, will now be spawning with AVG 3 minutes.

Over-Spawning is possible in ShadeCores!
When a creatures walks away too far from it's "home", the home will stop caring about that creatures and spawn a new one.
Worth to note is that creatures cannot disappear because they walk to far, you can lure them to hell and back without them disappearing.

Accurate creature spawn placements and awareness from another version!
In 7.4, when creatures spawned, it always spawned in the same spot, so a spawn and didn't move anywhere until a player from the same floor could see them.
This made it possible for you to see creatures standing still on other floors.

Their spawns looked like this

To us in ShadeCores, that's a cheap look that make the game feel equally cheap as every time you run into monsters they'll always come from same places, divided into groups like football fans.

So we deiced to use the system they were using just 1 version later, at 7.5.
In this version, the creatures spawning was spread out based on how many creatures there was in the area, mixing them up, making them more alive.
This also caused players to often think that monsters always move even if no players were around, because the creatures would always spawn randomly over a small area.

In ShadeCores, same as in CipSoft's after 7.5, it looks like this when creatures spawn,
spread out, mixed, and much more alive!

Additionally, in ShadeCores the creatures are aware of you in same manner as in CipSoft's 7.5, they will be moving around even if on different floor.
Making the game feel more alive!
That's why we decided to take on the spawn-behavior of 7.5 instead of 7.4 in this case, to make the game feel more worthy and alive!

ShadeCores same as in CipSoft's, spawns can be blocked in an identical way.

You block a spawn if the position of a spawn is closer to your character than 2 sqm outside your field of view.
Additionally you block spawns on multiple floors.
If you're above ground, you always block all floors from the grond and up, but you don't block any of the floors below the ground.
If you're below ground, you'll block 2 floors above and below you, even if you're one floor below ground, you'll block the ground level and +1 floor as well.

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