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May 27 2024
Today we have an extra server-save at 11:25 to load an upgraded version of the anticheat into the game.
May 03 2024
Client version 1.02 has been released, if you are using the Wine client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Apr 16 2024
ShadeCores will officially launch on April 24 at 17:00 CEST
Mar 14 2024
Website of ShadeCores is being prepared to become public sometime during March 14.
Jan 26 2024
ShadeCores private test-phase will start today there select people with invites will be able to login and test out the game.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 5 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 2 hours ago.

Jan 26 2024
Preparing for first ever public-progress
Today we're preparing the website to allow anyone to follow the progress through news and change-log.
We're also preparing an invitation-system that will allow a select group of people to get full access to website and game to start testing it out as we keep developing ShadeCores to become the perfect long-term game!
Jan 26 2024
Restoring the game to 7.7 standard with 7.4 sprites to begin the real journey
Downgraded to original 32p graphics.
Removed market.
Downgraded depots to original state.
Removed character auctions.
Removed world pace/anticheat info.
Removed GACC Light / Full-Light.
Removed "game settings" that had options to toggle GACC light, Full Light and remove empty vials.
Removed support for different exp-types in client. (using static rates for cleanest and smoothest client)
Cleaned out world-differences and made many settings static, such as antibot type, pace type and more.
Updated discord links.
Removed Sudoku.
Removed training dummy.
Removed support for various scrolls such as Rashid, Djinns, Postman and more.
Removed support for item-hotkeys.
Removed daily quests and tiny creatures.
Made vials non-stackable.
Made runes-non-stackable.
Removed Okolnir.
Removed Greybacks.
Removed Fungis.
Removed Mistrock.
Removed Darashia Tomb.
Removed Darashia Rats.
Removed Drefia library tomb.
Removed Ankrahmun dragon lord expansion.
Removed forbidden lands behemoth and hydra caves.
Removed High Lizards.
Removed Port Hope dragon lords and wyrms.
Removed Port Hope giant spiders and grim reapers.
Removed deeper banuta expansion.
Removed Rookgaard custom skeleton cave.
Removed Rookgaard depots.
Removed Weston.
Removed Nargor.
Removed Liberty Bay and all islands.
Removed DC Warlocks.
Removed Ferumbras rosegarden.
Removed Winged helmet quest.
Removed POI quest and areas.
Removed swamplings.
Removed horned helmet quest.
Removed ancient sorcerers.
Removed golden helmet quest.
Removed INQ.
Removed Edron nightmares.
Removed Cormaya dwarves.
Removed Venore coryms.
Restored Darashia rotworms to original state.
Restored areas/spawns in Ab'dendriel.
Restored areas/spawns in Thais.
Restored Fibla rotworms.
Restored many areas which previously had custom edits.
Remade all spawns into real tibia spawns with accurate location and spawn-time.
Made so monsters spawn faster when more players are online, with accurate tibia formulas.
Made if monsters leave their spawn, a new monster will spawn in its place (over-spawning)
Made it impossible to launch more than one client. (protect players from accidental MC which would lead to deletion)
Jan 10 2024
Creating ShadeCores


We're happy to announce that the development of ShadeCores has officially been kicked off!
ShadeCores is a copy of RetroCores
, with intention of making it an as slow-paced game as possible!

We're talking 1x rates, no multi-clienting and of course no cheaters.
A game protected with the absolute latest antibot features and report features that
's evolved in RetroCores.
We dare to say that our antibot systems are impressive
, and something that's not likely available in any other tibia-related game!

Some might doubt it, and rightful so, 20 years of various OT's that's popped up claiming to be "antibot" and have advanced systems, while in reality there's been none or something so ineffective they couldn't tell the most AFK cavebot from the active player making trades in depot, it's no wonder majority of people see "antibot" as a hoax.
But I say on to you
.. try us.. let us prove you wrong!

Development Plan

A copy of RetroCores with all it's infrastructure have been named ShadeCores.
From there it
's time to downgrade everything according to plans laid out of devs and community ensuring the best success of the game.
Discussions about the course of ShadeCores and what should be done will be happening in the discord and you're more than welcome to join in and discuss which steps ShadeCores should take before the final release.

Final Release

Once ShadeCores is completed, and properly tested, we'll plan a launch date, and advertising will start in multiple forms.
We have no way of knowing when ShadeCores is ready for release
, however we will not release ShadeCores during summer period for obvious reasons.
If summer is too close
, the launch will be set to the following fall.
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