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May 27 2024
Today we have an extra server-save at 11:25 to load an upgraded version of the anticheat into the game.
May 03 2024
Client version 1.02 has been released, if you are using the Wine client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Apr 16 2024
ShadeCores will officially launch on April 24 at 17:00 CEST
Mar 14 2024
Website of ShadeCores is being prepared to become public sometime during March 14.
Jan 26 2024
ShadeCores private test-phase will start today there select people with invites will be able to login and test out the game.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 6 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 2 hours ago.

Feb 23 2024
Improving ShadeCores

To ensure that ShadeCores become as perfect as possible, a lot has to be considered and corrected.

Our goal is to make a long lasting and functional game that doesn't run a course of being broken after a few years.
In ShadeCores, you're not meant to get unlimited supplies, hunting dragons, dragon lords, demons or other demonic critters, we don't fancy the rushed pace much of Tibia has become along with the community.
It's not healthy for neither the game nor the players, rushing rushing, screen filled with effects and texts in such manner that you get dizzy and headache trying to keep up.
And many can agree, the rushing could be fun.. for a little while.. but then you get bored.. once your screen is spammed down with effects, how much more intense can it become?.. not much.. in best scenario you'd end up hunting a new form of creature with new colors of outfit and effects, you'd trade a red flashing screen for a blue, and soon enough you'd get bored anyway.

No.. in ShadeCores we value a slow pace, we value a game there a "high level" isn't level 300.. 200 or not even 100.
We want to see a game there a level 50 is considered high level.. the game there a level 100 is epic level while that bastard who manage to pull of level 150 is legendary.
We want the game, there majority of the players you face, ranges between level 15 and 40, players who spend time in cities talking, making supplies, planning and preparing their epic hunt for the weekend, hoping to loot something good or just hoping to have a good time.
A game there you find players playing chess in the cellars of Thais.

It's time for a game that jolt our memories of old tibia, in the age there the main focus wasn't making new exp-records on daily basis, but a game of friendship and hardship, a game there happiness, anger and sorrow once more can take place.

To ensure the game becomes the slow paced utopia

  • Supplies must be scarce.
  • Money must be hard earned.
  • Experience must be slowly earned.
  • Monsters must be ruthless.

To ensure scarce supplies

  • A slow regen.
  • You cannot login more than one character per time.
  • You cannot use any cheats or all your progress will be thrown into a dustbin.


Additionally, we've made that you can only use beds with maximum 2 characters on your account,
to prevent "bed mages" from making too much supplies.

To ensure money remains hard earned

  • Low loot drop.
  • No NPCs that purchases "high value" items.
  • Houses that adapt their rent depending on city-popularity and become increasingly expensive if almost all houses are taken.

To ensure slowly earned experience

  • There's no party experience (exp-share), which force teams to be more creative, while making it harder to "boost" friends.
  • Slower spawn (CipSoft's accurate spawn time + spawn modification based on player numbers).
  • No "OT hunting places" there many monsters exist in a small place with fast respawn.

We've also removed Ankrahmun and Port Hope, to make it increasingly hard to find good "power-game" dungeons.
This is how ShadeCores map looks like at this very moment.

To ensure ruthless monsters

  • CipSoft's based exhaustion, making monsters able to combo you in a way they can't in OT's.
  • Monsters being able to hurt you even if you're stair-jumping them. (in OT's monsters become semi-retarded when being stair-jumped).

Additionally, we've corrected the following spells to have accurate magic level, price and mana cost:
(previously they weren't accurate)

  • Challenge
  • Conjure Food
  • Convince creature rune
  • Destroy field rune
  • Heavy magic missile rune
  • Invisibility
  • Light magic missile rune
  • Magic shield
  • Poison storm
Worth to note, the spell "heal friend" (exura sio) has been reduced to costing 60 mana instead of 70, to give druids a little additional candy to attract more to use druids for their slightly better economical situation.

We're getting really riled up with ShadeCores progress, and it's going to be awesome seeing it fly!
We hope you're as impatient and hyped as we are for the final release!
Feb 18 2024
A more alive world map!
A world map that is affected by players and their actions is a receipt for a more alive world map!
affections that last past the server-saves!

ShadeCores are now running with a map-saving system that allow the map to save certain edits done by players.
The edits can almost be anything from items added to certain places, to open doors, wall torches that's lit or not, items hiding in boxes, book cases or even unexpected containers invisible to the naked eye.
You could be placing an item on the map right before a server-save.

To find it still being there when you login after the server-save!

Now for the technical stuffs
In CipSoft's there's similar systems, however they're somewhat handicapped, with certain places that doesn't reset until updates which back in the day meant that some areas could get trashed and stay trashed for up to half a year before being cleaned up.

In ShadeCores we designed the system little differently, to make it more alive and more compliant with updates/changes and staying fluid with how the game and players act out.

Same as CipSoft's, we too have "no-save zones", zones that always refresh the map upon a server-save.
In cities within city walls or limits.
However, we have a system that refresh each tile if nothing have modified it for 3 days, meaning that forgotten stuff will be refreshed automatically and the game will "auto-clean" itself over time.
This allow us to use as little "no-save zones" as possible, making sure that big parts of the map can save items and stay "alive" without being reset on daily basis.
This system is also designed to grant us ability to launch updates and map edits, without the need of refreshing the whole map, but the game will itself detect if there's been an update, and if it's necessary to refresh the area or not. (maybe the tiles in question was deleted, or maybe the area have become a lake suddenly).

in CipSoft's, large parts of the world is covered in "no-save zones", including almost entire Rookgaard island.
In ShadeCores, thanks to the 3-days timeout to refresh if no interactions have happened, we don't need much more than having cities covered with no-save zones, with exception of a few areas that may need a daily reset due to the nature of the area, like some quests or places that's not meant to stay open/closed for days.

We might need to adjust zones
When ShadeCores is released, we will keep eyes on the trashing and judge if we might need to add a few extra places with "no-save zone".
Only the real game later can tell us if some areas might have too much traffic and collecting trash that never reach a timeout for refresh.

ShadeCores progress
ShadeCores is getting more and more ready for each day that passes.
We've come further than ever before, with advanced systems, impressive optimizations and authentic feelings.
It's just a question of time, before the decision of when ShadeCores is to be released will being made.
Feb 07 2024
Even something as small as a trap matters!

Normally you'd think a small item of the game would never make headlines in the news section, however in this case we believe it's relevant to the development of ShadeCores to share with the community about this little item as it may have a bigger impact than some might realize.

Many have, are or will be curious about traps.
How will they work, will you be able to use them to get an advantage in hunting, will you be able to use them with doors to kill afk players, will you be able.. will you.. will it?

And our short answer is: whatever you could do in 7.4 with traps, you will be able to do in ShadeCores!
However, some of you might not know how traps worked, and many of you might not know exactly how it works but rather assume from experience of OTs.

So lets explain how traps worked in 7.4!

Traps does a static amount of damage. 30 to be exact, it's always 30.
However, traps cause a physical damage that listen to the creatures armor.
It means that the damage can and will be reduced by any armor the creature may have.

As seen here, a weak Troll takes a lot more damage than a strong Hero.
And if the damaged creature would happen to have an armor boosting item equipped, it would done even less damage!

You cannot move open traps, they will close instantly if moved!
That means you can't just open them in your inventory and throw in front of your target!

You cannot put items on the trap either, it will close at the slightest breeze!

Traps cannot hurt players!
As of Tibia's update 7.2, traps could no longer inflict damage towards players!

Now you know how traps should work, and how they will work in ShadeCores.

Stay tuned for more progress related news!

Feb 03 2024
ShadeCores is becoming more impressive each day!

ShadeCores is quickly becoming more advanced and more authentic for each day that passes!
And we can't possible be more proud of our project that shows such high signs of potential!

In the past few days we've had many good upgrades, but we're going to keep it short as not to bore you.
Many of these upgrades are meant to make ShadeCores more authentic with oldschool cipsoft, and it's been really good!

We remade our exhaustion system to work exactly the way it did in tibia of this age
Believe it or not, OT's have it completely wrong, OTs uses 1 or 2 kind of exhaustions depending on which version they're meant to reflect (healing + attacking spells).
However, in CipSoft's, there were 3 different exhaustions in the old days, 4 if you include "using item on.." exhaustion which was 1 second.
These exhaustions where for instant and rune spells, and weapon.
Together, in a tangled web, they could trigger eachother, making you unable to do certain things in certain pace, while doing "odd things" instantly.
For example, you could use healing runes and instantly after use any instant attack spell, you could use an UH and then throw an UE, no problems..

We've remade the move-item exhaustion to be the very same as CipSoft's
In most OT's you can move hundreds of items every second, basically limitless, that's not how it was in CipSoft's!

We've remade the move/use system to work as it did in CipSoft's
we're talking about being almost unable to move items while walking etc.
Many OT's got this a bit wrong though, and some people remember it a bit wrong, especially when it comes to move + melee.
At first, walking blocked the ability to move an item for a small period of time based on your speed, if timed correctly, you could move items without stopping at all, however it's hard to properly time it and most of us just accepted the fact it was easier to let go of the arrow keys for a second and then move the item.
But the biggest myth there is about walking/using/moving, is "walking prevent bolts from shooting", no, it doesn't.
Walking has a very small effect on melee and distance, at a high rate your attacks aren't affected at all, and with bad luck your attacks could be delayed a second at most which is relatively rare.
We've studied the CipSoft files and systems carefully, to make sure ShadeCores will have the most accurate, and while doing so we found many things that people are mistaken on, but we shouldn't judge, it's been 20 years since any official oldschool tibia was available!

We've remade the line-of-sight system
which means if you can throw stuff to a certain place.
Basically every OT in the world has this wrong, in CipSoft's you're much more limited as to where you can throw things, and where spells can reach around walls and so on.

We've remade the druids poison storm
almost every OT either has ticking poison damage from around 50 counting down until 0, while others have an instant damage followed by poison or some other mixtures.
While in reality, damage of the poison storm is decided by level and magic level, from the first tick of damage, it decreases with a few % until it reaches 0, and thanks to the % based reduce between ticks, it doesn't matter if you're level 50, or 500, the poison storm will last about as long anyway, just a few seconds extra for much higher levels, while the total damage is of course much higher even though the amount of ticks seems to be the same.

But now to our coolest feature we've managed to "clone" from CipSoft..
We've made an accurate loot & inventory system for monsters, working identically with how it worked in CipSoft's!
Normally in OT's, loot of monsters are static and decided when the monster is killed.
It's also set in their monster files which should drop a bag, and which items will be in the bag.

However in ShadeCores, same as in CipSoft's.. the loot of monsters are decided when the monster spawns!
And bags.. the monsters doesn't have any bag-prefix.. the game decide itself what items could and what items should be dropped in bags.
This means that some items you will always find in a bag, while other items you could find both in and outside the bag.

But to the really cool part, our monsters are designed to carry their loot in the game, and that loot can affect the monster!
Same as in CipSoft's, you could face creatures that's "enchanted" by the inventory they're carrying.

I'm sure many of you have played in OT's and thought that often the defense of creatures seems low!
That's caused by the fact that in OT's the monsters doesn't carry their loot, and neither does it affect them, so none of them will have any extra abilities out of it.

Here we see how it looks when a rat is carrying a life crystal, which gives a small glow.
Note the rat next to it, which carries nothing, and doesn't have any light at all.

Here we see how it works between 2 rats, when one of them are carrying boots of haste!
You can see how easily the BOH-Rat outrun the one without!

Here we see 3 minotaurs to test blocking ability.
The one to the north is fully naked.
The one to the south has a chain armor equipped.
While the one in the middle has demon helmet, magic plate armor, golden legs, golden boots and platinum amulet in its inventory, making this minotaur extremely good at blocking the physical damages of an explosion rune.
You can see how the naked takes the most damage, while the one with chain armor takes little less damage and then of course the pure defense-taur blocks almost half the damage!

After killing the "defende-taur", this is how it looked in his corpse

That monsters carry their loot in their inventory, while those items could affect the monster, is what caused many of the things you never really paid attention to in the old days.
That you sometimes met monsters that was extra slow to kill, at most part you didn't pay attention to it, in other cases you could think "omg I'm only doing bad hits now.. bad luck..." while in fact the monster was about to drop equipment that made it stronger, and you saw it in the loot but never though that those items were affecting the monster.

Of course, the videos above is not an example of what those creatures could carry, the items was just added to the spawned test-creatures to test the systems and to collect awesome videos with!

ShadeCores will continue becoming more and more impressive!
We will continue our awesome work on ShadeCores, and we hope you're enjoying following our progress and that you're eager to one day being able to play the released version!
Jan 31 2024
We're looking for testers with experience of oldschool cipsoft

ShadeCores is already passing the line of "most authentic project", but we're not stopping there!
We're pushing through the lines and going so far beyond it that it's unlikely any competitor will be able to reach our standards anytime in the near future.

At the same time, we need to ensure quality gaming and long lasting game-health by adjusting things that might break the game in the long run.
By that we mean that one one side the look of the game must be smooth and appealing to draw new users, while on the other side we must ensure that the flow of gold stays as low as possible.

Our endgoal with ShadeCores is to have authentic mechanics, an oldschool play with smooth client and just enough gadgets to make the client life of the user more bearable, while the game itself is so hard that level 50 is considered a high level while level 100 is considered an epic level.

A game there the main focus isn't to power-game and skip content as quickly as possible, but rather a game there you enjoy being a noob, exploring content that you'd normally just fly by in other games.
A game there the highlight of your day might be hanging around in Thais, playing some chess and talk some bullshit with friends, and making new friends with people who's next to you, the way we made friends in the old days!

As the development of ShadeCores goes on, we now feel we need more eyes, more point of views and more opinions!

What we're looking for
We're looking for you who have played at 7.4.
It's a merit if you've played before 7.4 as well, and up to 7.7.
If you've never played before 7.8 (when hotkeys came), it's better to not apply at this point.
We'd ask for those who are of adult age, however if you have experience of the versions, you're an adult at this point either way.
We're also looking for you who's interested in the ShadeCores project, and are eager to see it released.

What's expected from you?
*Test various things in the game. (just every now and then, full activity isn't needed)
*Be part of discussions with admin and other testers about various topics involving ShadeCores.
*Be mature and can face different opinions with grace and dignity.

*Having experience of 7.4~ (+/- few versions) in (OT's doesn't count).
*Having discord for communication.

How to apply:
Send your application to
Title: Tester-application
You can copy the sheet below and fill it out:

What's your tibia experiences:
Why should ShadeCores invite you:

We're looking forward to seeing your application!
If you're accepted, you'll receive a mail-response within a few days.

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