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May 27 2024
Today we have an extra server-save at 11:25 to load an upgraded version of the anticheat into the game.
May 03 2024
Client version 1.02 has been released, if you are using the Wine client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Apr 16 2024
ShadeCores will officially launch on April 24 at 17:00 CEST
Mar 14 2024
Website of ShadeCores is being prepared to become public sometime during March 14.
Jan 26 2024
ShadeCores private test-phase will start today there select people with invites will be able to login and test out the game.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 6 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 3 hours ago.

Apr 13 2024
Preparing for the official release
We're now preparing ShadeCores for the official release!

The developing of ShadeCores and many weeks of testing have been a privilege!
We thank everyone who were parting of the testing, discussions and played the Testing-Phase for fun!

We will in a very near future announce the official launch!
Mar 28 2024
Beware the days of danger!
Between the server saves of March 28 and March 30, there's dangers in the world!

Due to the nature of testing with blocked off areas (mystery related), a few creatures are near impossible to find and access.
Which is why, we for 2 days will replace 3 other monsters with much more powerful ones that's rarely tested out.

The following spawns have been adjusted
(which means, the adjusted monster will not be available for these days)
  • Dragon Lords have been replaced with demons.
  • Dragons have been replaced by behemoths.
  • Witches have been replaced by warlocks.

Have fun testing around!
Mar 14 2024
Last Test-Phase will be public, set to launch on March 15 at 16:00 CET
Public and final Test-Phase
We're happy to inform you that the last Testing-Phase of ShadeCores will be public!
Which means anyone who would like to try out ShadeCores and raise concerns before the real launch now has a chance to do so!

This Test-Phase will be running like a "seasonal server", thought it's just a once-time deal.
Which could make the testing a bit more fun and familiar for players who play various servers that's "seasonal" in the nature.
ShadeCores will not offer seasonal servers once it's fully released!

The Public Test-Phase will start on March 15, at 16:00 CET.

Rates during testing:
  • Skills: 10x
  • Magic: 3x
  • Loot: 5x
  • Regen: 10x
  • from level 1: 20x
  • from level 8: 15x
  • from level 20: 10x
  • from level 30: 7x
  • from level 40: 5x
  • from level 50: 4x
  • from level 60: 3x
  • from level 70: 2x
Other settings:
  • Spells are free.
  • Conjure Multiplier: 10x (runes, ammo)
  • Item regen multiplier: 2x (rings)
  • Spawn rate: 4x faster
Duration of the final test phase
The final Test-Phase will be online and available for all until April 12.
Which means this phase will be going on for 4 weeks.
The weekend after April 12, ShadeCores will be cleaned up and prepared for the final release which will happen on April 24.

When you login on a new character, you get 10,000 shop points to your account that you can use to buy golden account and test around in the shop.

To protect mysteries of ShadeCores while testing
Areas that could contain mysteries are blocked off.
Letters/Books/Parchments will not spawn in map.
We wish players to truly have no knowledge of mysteries when the game finally launches, as the advanced game-play during Testing offsets the balance and players will in a greater deal be able to explore than they'd normally would be able to.

Make yourself familiar
It might be a good idea to make yourself familiar with ShadeCores logic,
You can find much and interesting information in our about page.
You also have a lot of interesting topics in our FAQ.

We invite you to join our discord, to voice your opinions and or concerns.
Even if you're happy with everything, we'd still wish you to tell us so we and others can know about it!
plain link:

The Public Test-Phase will start on March 15, at 16:00 CET.
Accounts and characters can be created 1 hour before the launch of the final test-phase (15:00 CET of same day).

Joining and play "test-servers" aren't for everyone, and we understand if you'd rather wait for the finished product.
But we appreciate and thank everyone who takes part of the testing!
At minimum you get to experience ShadeCores so you know a bit how it will be in the final release, and get a chance to play a "seasonal staged server" that for once has no payment options at all while very strict anti-cheat system in place!
Additionally the "shutdown" wont come as a surprise either, as the date for end of testing is already declared.

We hope you're thrilled to see how ShadeCores progresses through it's early life and are eager to see the final release!
Mar 08 2024
Twitch Questions&Answers streams
Unannounced streams
To keep the live-user amount lower to be easier to manage at first, we will do a few unannounced live-streams with Q&A theme.
This will be done here:

Announced streams
In a near future we will announce a date and time for a live stream so everyone have a headsup and chance to catch a live-stream to make their voices heard!
So don't worry in case you miss the unannounced ones, you'll get a headsup soon enough!

The point of the streams
The streams will be to some extent show a little what ShadeCores is, and talk a little about it.
And everyone has a chance to ask questions that might be unclear or questions aimed for parts of ShadeCores that's not already been announced.
The stream is also to allow people to voice their concerns if they have any.
Mar 06 2024
ShadeCores balancing

It's been a little time since our last update, but for a good reason!
We've been very busy with ShadeCores, improving it, planning for the future and so on.

And we're happy to tell you how we decided to balance the game, and describe a little how it will balance as well!

This is how we've balanced the game!


  • Increased bow price to 500 gp.
  • Increased crossbow price to 2,000 gp.
  • Increase arrow price to 3 gp/each.
  • Removed bolts from stores.
  • Keeping spears at 25 atk (originally 30 atk).

This will force paladins to use spears a little longer making the earlier levels even trickier.
After that it will make paladins stay with bow for a longer period of time.
Paladins will also on a bigger scale make their own ammunition to profit better.
The removal of bolts from store will make arrows the primary weapon for paladins there they will only use bolts when they prefer damage over profit.
Making paladins more likely to create bolts when mana-sitting.

Normally, smart paladins would make Hmms and sell, and buy arrows and bolts from store and get at least 50% extra ammo in arrows, or 2-3 times as many bolts than if they spent same mana on their ammo spells.
These changes, remove paladins from flushing the game with "free supplies" because buying ammo at store was always cheaper and more efficient than making ammo themselves when runes are much more valuable per mana spent.
Additionally it make it more attractive for paladins to create ammo to sell as players will on larger scale buy ammo from players rather than from NPCs.


  • No vocation limit aspect needed, the slow pace, anti-cheat and scarce supplies in general together with "knight" based modifications will slow mages down enough.

Knights and melee based balances:

  • Removed fire sword from dragons.

Fire sword is after all a powerful melee weapon, that shouldn't be too easy to get a hold of.

Removed the following items as buyable from NPCs:

  • Barbarian Axe
  • Clerical Mace
  • Two Handed Sword
  • Battle Axe
  • Morning Star
  • Battle Hammer
  • Soldier Helmet
  • Steel Helmet
  • Chain Armor
  • Brass Armor
  • Scale Armor
  • Plate Armor
  • Chain Legs
  • Brass Legs
  • Steel Shield
  • Viking Shield
  • Dwarven Shield

This will make it additionally harder to get a "quick start", and it will also stimulate an open market for lower-level items.

Additionally, monster loot of the following items have been reduced by 50%.

  • All weapons starting from 30 atk.
  • All helmets starting from 7 arm.
  • All Armors starting from 10 arm.
  • All Legs starting from 7 arm.
  • All Boots starting from 2 arm (including boots of haste and bunny slippers).
  • All Shields starting from 26 def.

This will make looting "good equipment" extra rewarding.
Looting something should feel rewarding, even if it's just a plate armor!

The following quests have been made harder to complete by added and/or modified monsters:

  • The Queen of Banshees Quest.
  • Medusa Shield Quest.
  • Orc Fortress Quest.
  • Naginata Quest.

The following quests have been modified with mystery, additionally some of them have modified monsters.

  • The Annihilator Quest (mystery only, quest itself remain classic).
  • Bright Sword Quest.
  • Fire Axe Quest.
  • Behemoth Quest (additionally made into lvl 80 due to the high rewards).
  • Vampire Shield Quest.
  • Crusader Helmet Quest.
  • Noble Armor Quest.
  • Black Knight Villa Quest.
  • Deeper Fibula Quest.
  • Demon Helmet Quest.

This will cause the game to:

  • Make it harder for knights and paladins to speed-game the early levels.
  • Make mages not able to "power-level" the first levels in their life.
  • Slowing down the general pace of early levels.
  • Make equipment flowing more naturally as "good equipment" is scarce.
  • Cause good equipment to be a true mid-game items rather than early-game through rushing.
  • Cause end-game content to remain absence for much longer.

Generally speaking, these changes will make the game much more healthy.
It will slow the pace and make people open their eyes for "noob quests" and items and make plans on more equipment rather than rushing for C-Set the first few days.
Good items which is supposed to be closer to "end-game" rather than "early game" will remain in their own stage rather than inflate the game in the early stages.
Even after good equipment becomes available, it will be a slow pace before majority can get their hands on good equipment.

Normally in Tibia, experienced players rush in such manner that they're "jumping" content.
By the first day they've normally already skipped 30% of all equipment.
By the first week they've normally jumped 90% of the content.
And by the second week, they only have a very few things left to upgrade themselves, and from that point they live in a loop of actions there nothing changes until they got enough money or power to take the final item.

But in ShadeCores, even the most experienced player, will to some extent be forced to step down the game, and go through the content in a slower pace, exploring areas and quests they normally ignore, live the game as it's supposed to be lived.

You'll enjoy a slower, balanced game much more than you'd think!
Just because the pace is slow, doesn't mean the entire game is slow, it's actually a state of mind if a game is slow or not.
Like stated elsewhere, if your goal is to get lvl 150 and hunt dragon lords on daily basis then the game will be horrible..
But if you can adapt your mindset, throw out the idea that you should be able to profit from demons shortly.. you'll find you might like the game much better.

In a slow game like ShadeCores are being designed to be, doesn't mean "slow" as in you'll be forever stuck on same mission for days.
No.. it actually means that you'll experience more aspects of the game than you'd do in a "high pace game".
If you.. get out of the bubble there you must get certain lvl as fast as possible, and just level up as you explore the game you're going to have a great time!

According to statistics, only 5% of the players complete quests such as Spike Sword Quest in mainland.
It's a fairly simple quest.. yet almost nobody does it.. and question as of why is simple.
Because Tibia today is designed as a high-pace game, and spike sword is nothing, not even worth the time.

In ShadeCores, spike sword will be very valuable for anyone wishing to be a sword fighter.
It will be the high level weapon for the lower levels.

When did you last make a "noob quest" for the sake of the items in it? and not because you were "nearby anyway"?
The goal in ShadeCores is so that you will and want to explore the forgotten content!

Rediscover tibia in ShadeCores!
In addition to the modified quests listed above, we've also made various changes on many other quests.
The quests that's been modified with mystery of various degrees are:

  • Desert Quest.
  • Paradox Tower Quest.
  • Circle Room Quest.
  • Crystal Wand Quest.
  • Griffin Shield Quest.
  • Sam's Old Backpack Quest.
  • Thais Lighthouse Quest.
  • Scale Armor Quest.
  • Battle Axe Quest.

These quests could be different in any way imaginable.
Some are easily solved, while others are trickier.
Rest assured, the lore for the quests have been adjusted as well, so it's possible to discover their secrets by exploring the game.
Every quest modified, every mystery created, and every clue as to how, has been blocked during Testing-Phases!
Nobody but the actual owner of ShadeCores knows how they work.
No matter if the mystery is small, or large, the entire connected area is blocked so nobody can assume how big mystery is by researching the extent of the blockade!

A fair discovery for all!
Due to the restrictions for mysteries in Testing-Phase, nobody knows how any of the modified quest work, not even testers!
When ShadeCores is officially launched, everyone is on same fair plane, knowing absolutely nothing!

This is your time, to feel nostalgic on a whole new level.
You're back in old tibia.. and this time.. you have no experience how to solve many of the quests, and there's no way to search for solutions either.
It's almost.. as if you're back to the younger you, playing the game you love, unaware what you can do and find!

Final Words
We're moving forward in an incredible pace with the game, and it becomes better and better for every day.
Even if we happen not to share any news for a few days, you can rest assured that ShadeCores is being worked on every day until it's ready for release!

Stay tuned for follow up news!
We're in a near future going to announce a stream there we'll make a short stream with questions and answers, and little revealing how the game looks like!
The stream is to make you able to ask questions that's unclear, voice concerns about something or whatever you like that's within the topic of ShadeCores.

Until then, stay sharp, stay hyped.. we're on our way!

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