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May 27 2024
Today we have an extra server-save at 11:25 to load an upgraded version of the anticheat into the game.
May 03 2024
Client version 1.02 has been released, if you are using the Wine client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Apr 16 2024
ShadeCores will officially launch on April 24 at 17:00 CEST
Mar 14 2024
Website of ShadeCores is being prepared to become public sometime during March 14.
Jan 26 2024
ShadeCores private test-phase will start today there select people with invites will be able to login and test out the game.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 17 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 5 hours ago.

Jun 08 2024
Update -Fixed glitches & improved spawn system
Today we had an update that is likely welcome to most.

To begin with, we've fixed a few glitches, such as:
Pushing players from magic fields
This was impossible if there was any items hidden below the fire field.

Bugged/Invisible players from stacks
This was a glitch that when enough players/creatures were stacked at a stair or similar, and the bottom player/creature moved out of the stack, any spectators would see a player/creature without name appear and then it would stay frozen while in fact the moved player might not be there anymore.

Spawns that was unintentionally slow early in the mornings
A glitch caused the spawns to slow down enough to take almost twice as long to spawn when there's little players online.
This glitch could be experienced between early morning and a few hours past the server save until enough players were online to not notice the slower spawn anymore.

Additionally to these fixes, we've also..

Improved the spawn system
We've remade the logic of how the players online affect the spawn-times, and stretched it a little bit.
Originally, the spawn is static and unchanged between 1-200 players, and then slowly increased speed between 201-800 players.
We have stretched this down to 1 player, which means the spawn time is now affected by every player online, even if it's just 1-2 players!
The spawn speed can be affected between 1 - 800 players.

We hope you're enjoying ShadeCores!

ShadeCores Staff
May 24 2024
One month of ShadeCores
Today ShadeCores have been public for one month!
Yes, time flies by like crazy!

As a small celebration, we're going to share some statistics of ShadeCores how it's behaving!
Character Statistics
No Vocation 1,973
Sorcerers 378
MS 114
Druids 658
ED 87
Paladins 612
RP 111
Knights 661
EK 82
Total 4,676
Account Statistics
Total Accounts 3,241
Golden Accounts 792
Client Downloads 4084
Wine Downloads 181
Map Downloads 1805
Visitor Statistics
Last 24 hours 2,888
Last 30 days 28,337
Total 35,912
Accounts 24 hours 965
Accounts 7 days 1,635
Chars 24 hours 1,436
Chars 7 days 2,492

Here's hour table of website visitors

And here's on players online
(Left for most recent, right for history same as web-visitors)

Here's where players have died the last 7 days
(click on image to see larger size)

During these 30 days, 220 accounts have been deleted for cheating.
Additionally to those, 56 accounts have been accidentally deleted and restored (many of which was same accounts that kept getting detected).
Accidental deletions varies between tested anticheat systems that didn't live up to expectations, unstable latency, laggy computer, twitchy hardwares and a few other reasons that got people detected as cheaters without them actually using any cheats.

During this time-frame there was also two cases of abusing.
First happened on ShadeCores 3:rd day there suddenly doublet quest could be looted without limits, a few players managed to get a hold of a few hundred gps before being deleted for the abuse and the glitch solved.

Second abuse was caused by cheaters who found a dangerous weakness in the anticheat system that crashed the game.
They caused crash a few times and managed to duplicate certain items, which lead to the need of rolling the time back to before the abuse.
Details of this one can be found here: Rollback ShadeCores to the state of May 12, 06:25 CEST to keep integrity.

Due to the incident that required a rollback, we've been overflowing with support related topics and are working hard to get back into status quo there reports and support topics are quickly resolved, but we're expecting it to be overflowing for a few more days before we reach a good calm weather again.
We hope everyone who's tried to reach support the last week can understand the struggle and remain patient and calm since the storm of anger and hopelessness.

Additionally to "bad things", we've been attacked by 124 sources since the launch.
23 of which happened the last 24 hours, and 2 of those are attacking at the moment this article was being written.
Thankfully for the advanced networking on ShadeCores, not one single attack have been felt ingame.
There's no record of larger group of players suffering at all since the launch of ShadeCores.
Now to the more interesting aspects of the game..
Top 10 killed creatures
Creature Kills
Rotworms 1,423,079
Trolls 448,767
Rats 412,608
Wolves 365,323
Skeletons 358,027
Snakes 322,849
Poison Spiders 298,548
Goblins 288,696
Minotaurs 275,467
Ghouls 259,721

The most powerful equipment obtained
Top power equipment
Item Amount
Crusader Helmet 53
Crown Armor 1
Knight Armor 36
Knight Legs 14
Boots of haste 1
Medusa Shield 1
Tower Shield 6
Dragon Shield 28
Naginata 16
War Hammer 97
Skull Staff 3
Ice Rapier 25
Bright Sword 16
Fire Sword 30
Items with better stats than listed above have not been obtained yet.
This includes items such as royal helmet, blue robe, steel boots, giant sword
and many other items.

We hope you find this article interesting,
and we hope you enjoy ShadeCores and that you're planning on staying around for a very long time!
We're not going anywhere!

ShadeCores Staff
May 13 2024
Rollback ShadeCores to the state of May 12, 06:25 CEST to keep integrity
On May 13, between 01:35 until 02:35 there was 11 crashes in Eternia caused by some cheaters who stumble upon a weakness in the anticheat system that caused Eternia to go haywire.

After extensive research and analysis we found it best to roll the game back to the latest verified clean state of ShadeCores to ensure our integrity is at 100%.

We deeply regret what this might have caused for the players and have taken steps to ensure this will not happen again.
We've also taken steps to save everything of the game and website up to the point of rollback to ensure we keep our logs and can keep digging for everyone involved in this hateful crime against ShadeCores, so we can properly exile them from ShadeCores.

We sincerely hope that you the players understand the situation and that you too will see it's in best interest of ShadeCores to have had this rollback to ensure that the game is clean and fair for everyone and that nobody got any advantages out of the crimes committed this night.

We have added 2 days of golden account to everyone.
Additionally we will continue to work the next few days to ensure that all payments and other external things align with the new state of ShadeCores.
If you have payments that was done between May 12, 06:25 - May 13, 12:50 CEST, please remain calm and wait patiently for the shop points to be returned along with payment logs.

ShadeCores Staff
May 03 2024
Client update 1.02 & A new rule
In this client update we've done some performance and anticheat upgrades.

Additionally to this update, we have a new rule that will become active on server-save of May 4.
The rule is Excessive Account Sharing.

ShadeCores Staff
Apr 16 2024
ShadeCores official launch on April 24, 17:00 CEST

Welcome to ShadeCores
We are excited to finally present to you: ShadeCores!
After a long time of development and testing, we're finally ready to launch this awesome game!

Quick Info for laziness:
  • Tibia 7.4 theme
  • 1x Experience
  • 1x Skills
  • 1x Magic
  • 1x Loot
  • 1x Regen

General info:
Official launch: April 24, 17:00 CEST.
Create characters: 1 hour before launch (16:00 CEST).

  • Authentic
    • Damages
    • Monster attacks
    • Monsters carrying equipment & loot
    • Monster Spawns & respawn depending on players online
    • World light and watches
    • Traps
    • Line of sight system
    • Floor saving system
    • Exhaustion system
    • Much more..
  • General
    • Cannot multi-client
    • REAL Proven & Verified Anti-Cheat system = No cheaters
    • Many quests modified to add mystery to the game for everyone
    • Much more..

What is ShadeCores?
ShadeCores is a game designed to mimic the oldschool version of, but in a slower pace.
Our goal is to be a long lasting and functional game that doesn't run a course of being broken after a few years.
Read more at: About -What is ShadeCores?.

World Map
The map contains all places of Tibia 7.70.
It also contains 100% spawns of Tibia 7.70.
With exception of Ankrahmun and Port Hope that was removed for balancing purposes.

Built authentically
ShadeCores was built hand in hand with hacked Tibia files (7.70 version) and is very accurate to how Tibia was (with exception things that has been improved).
If you played Tibia back in 7.4-7.70 and join ShadeCores, you will yourself notice how scary accurate every single spawn is.
Read more at: About -Additional Information.

Game health
We have made many modifications to ensure a healthy economy and game.
Read more at: About -Keeping the balance of the game.

Creature Behavior
In ShadeCores, same as in CipSoft's, creatures that's fleeing for their life (low health) will not make any pauses no matter how close the player is.
Creatures also doesn't have any exhaustion of their abilities such as attacks, healings and more.
Read more at: FAQ -Creature Behavior.

Creature spawns
ShadeCores has the very same spawn system that CipSoft's had back in the day.
All creatures that spawns has a "home".
And this "home" has a set amount of creatures that belongs to it, always same type of creature.
Read more at: FAQ -Creature spawns.

Accurate creature loot & inventory
ShadeCores have an accurate loot & inventory system for creatures, working identically as it did in CipSoft's back in the day.
Which means that creatures with items that give light, will also light up the creature, or armors that will increase the armor of the creature, or that when a creature wear boots of haste, it will run noticeably faster!
Read more at: FAQ -Creatures equipping their loot & loot system.

Authentic exhaustions
Believe it or not, OT's have it completely wrong, OTs uses 1 or 2 kind of exhaustions depending on which version they're meant to reflect (healing + attacking spells).
However, in CipSoft's, there were 3 different exhaustions in the old days, 4 if you include "using item on.." exhaustion which was 1 second.
Read more at: FAQ -Exhaustion system.

Floor saving
ShadeCores are running with a map-saving system that allow the map to save certain edits done by players.
The edits can almost be anything from items added to certain places, to open doors, wall torches that's lit or not, items hiding in boxes, book cases or even unexpected containers invisible to the naked eye.
Read more at: FAQ -Floor saving system.

Game health balance
To ensure that ShadeCores become as perfect as possible, a lot has to be considered and corrected.
Our goal is to make a long lasting and functional game that doesn't run a course of being broken after a few years.
In ShadeCores, you're not meant to get unlimited supplies, hunting dragons, dragon lords, demons or other demonic critters, we don't fancy the rushed pace much of Tibia has become along with the community.
Read more at: FAQ -Game Health Balance (creatures, supplies, gold).

Keep valuables valuable
In ShadeCores it's harder to obtain "good" equipment, which will turn lower level equipment into the new good equipment.
Read more at: FAQ -Game Health Balance (equipment).

Line of sight system
In ShadeCores we use the same line-of-sight system as in CipSoft's.
You may notice when you're playing that sometimes you can throw things in a way you can't do in most OT's.
And you' may also notice that sometimes, you cannot throw things in same way as in most OT's.
Read more at: FAQ -Line of sight system.

Poison storm
Almost every OT either has ticking poison damage from around 50 counting down until 0, while others have an instant damage followed by poison or some other mixtures.
While in reality, damage of the poison storm is decided by level and magic level, from the first tick of damage, it decreases with a few % until it reaches 0.
Read more at: FAQ -Poison storm.

Traps functionality
Traps does a static amount of damage. 30 to be exact, it's always 30.
However, traps cause a physical damage that listen to the creatures armor.
It means that the damage can and will be reduced by any armor the creature may have.
Read more at: FAQ -Traps (item).

World light & watches
In ShadeCores, time and world light works exactly like it did in CipSoft's back in the day.
Read more at: FAQ -World lights & watches.

Anti-Cheat system
We have a very advanced and automatic anti-cheat system that detects all kind of cheats rather quickly, be it bot, macro, tasker or others.
This system was first developed and proven to work very well in RetroCores world "Cleanera".
It has since then been improved to be faster and detect a wider array of cheats that people could use.

A lot of servers has basically lied about that they're anti-bot, most of players have been in "anti-bot" servers that's been exploding with cheats and nobody gets punished, which is why most with good reason wont trust whenever someone says they're "antibot".
But through Cleanera@RetroCores, we've verified for a lot of people that we're not bullshitting you, we're legit, we have a system that works and a lot of people have tested it and found themselves shocked when their "secret cheat" got caught even though nobody was nearby them.

Additionally to the anti-cheat, ShadeCores does not allow multi-clienting
Multi-Clienting will be treated as a cheat and lead to a deletion.
To make sure nobody accidentally use multi-client without knowing the rules, we've made so that it's not possible to start more than one instance of the client.
If you try to start a new client while already having one open, you will face this little message.

Other Game Features
  • Ability to play for free.
  • No level restrictions on items nor spells.
  • Non-stackable runes/fluids.
  • No Runes from NPCs.
  • No item-hotkeys.
  • No wands/rods.
  • No protection zone on boats/carpets.
  • Manual aiming
  • Anti-lag system.
  • Great and improved monster systems.
  • Monsters can be lured anywhere.
  • No stairjump exhaust.
  • Possibility to make UH traps.
  • Accurate 7.4 formulas.
  • Classic premium system.
  • Classic promotion system.
  • Many and random raids with possibility to loot raid-rare items.

If you're new to the community, you're welcome to join the ShadeCores Discord server to chat with other players and staff!
plain link:

ShadeCores will officially launch on April 24 at 17:00 CEST!
You will be able to create characters starting at 16:00 CEST the same day!

ShadeCores Staff
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